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EP #9: Beware the hair loss : It’s telling the state of your health

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Most women think that biotin is THE holy grail to prevent hair loss. 

But, based on the research article published by Menopause Review it isn’t true.

  •  Vitamins have impact on the state of hair
  •  Minerals  influence hair growth
  •  Low glycemic index and load affect hair growth
  •  Chronic stress and certain cosmetics and hairdresser’s treatments play a role.

Your hair loss also reflects a darker side of your hormones that no one ever seems to talk about. 

It’s a place that I don’t want YOU to find yourself in. 

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to getting healthier, however, there is no confusion that addressing the root cause of the symptoms, instead of masking them, is the way to go.

In Episode #9 of MME podcast, I’ll be sharing why you need to pay closer attention to your hair loss and what it’s telling you.


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