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Kiran Ram is a UK Food Mood Expert professionally trained in hormone balancing for women aged 40+. She blends the best of cutting edge science with the wisdom of targeted and effective natural healing solutions.

She specialises in helping women 40 + across the UK understand the powerful effects of hormones on their weight, bouts of extreme fatigue due to disturbed sleep and sheer lack of energy and enthusiasm towards life.

Kiran is a Certified Women’s Holistic Health and Functional Nutrition Coach with a specialty in hormonal health. She trained in the Gottfried Protocol with Dr Sara Gottfried and followed that with a year long training at the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. She is currently studying Herbal Medicine for Women with Dr Aviva Romm, USA. She is a registered member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the Federation of Holistic Therapists UK.

Kiran has been featured in media worldwide-Huffington Post UK, 1st Class Lifestyle (US), Smart Healthy Women, I AM Woman Project (Australia) to name a few.

When she’s not teaching women how to drop their hormone struggle once and for all, you’ll find her painting her fingers struggles green in the garden (weather permitting), traveling and having fun in the kitchen. She lives in South East England with her husband and witty daughter.

  • Let me help you get back to looking and feeling your SASSY, SENSATIONAL self again.

“I Was Once Eating On The Go, Sleeping Badly and Living With A Weakened Immune Function!”

I attended Kiran’s talk on Digestion and signed up for her program. My energy was low, I was sleeping badly and eating was on the go. Plus, I got shingles! I am delighted to be working with Kiran, she has transformed me. I follow every bit of her advice without fail, and it works wonderfully. I sleep well now, my general health has improved hugely, my skin, hair and nails are excellent. My digestion, previously a problem, is tip-top. I understand with Kiran’s expert guidance how different supplements work. On top of all this Kiran provided me with delicious recipes! The program differs from others on the market simply because it’s Kiran. She is unique in her care and attention to each client, and their needs, and is super professional and thorough. I would recommend her to the world-without hesitation!

Barbara, Surrey

“I Don’t Give In To Sugar Cravings As A Pick-me-up For More Energy And Sleep Through The Night!!!”

I knew my energy levels weren’t as high as they could be and wanted to explore how working with a nutritionist could help. I am very happy that I decided to do so. I learned a lot about the role of food and targeted nutritional therapy in helping the body to function more efficiently. I can walk past a chocolate without any temptation. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. I am calmer and more focused due to the program. Kiran is a talented nutritionist with a great combination of knowledge and empathy

Jacqui, Berkshire

“I Stopped Doing A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That. Kiran Helped Me Find The Root Cause Of My Low Moods And Created My Unique Targeted Protocol To Follow!”

Before working with Kiran, I was chugging down all sorts of supplements with no results. I was tired of learning about my health, it is confusing and lots of conflicting information out there. I was refered to Kiran by a friend. Kiran’s program is very straight forward and I learnt so much but that was not my intention. I now have very specific suggestions to follow and that’s what I wanted. I am sleeping better and have lots more energy and positive emotions.

Sheila, Berkshire

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