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           Dreamer, Doer, Healthy Menopause Maker


                  I’M REALLY GOOD AT:

  • Turning midlife into your best life. I love learning and sharing all I know to guide you you beyond the importance of diet, exercise, and stress reduction to find magic as you rewrite your script to feel vitality, vibrancy and unstoppable enthusiasm in this next stage of your life.
  • Reviewing DUTCH Tests so you understand exactly where your hormones are at and make them work for you, not against you
  • Seeing the big picture without missing a single tiny detail. I keep a watchful eye on the downstream whilst going upstream, so I can create new healing opportunities and experiences without sending your hormones into rollercoaster mode.
  • Keeping it simple. I know every symptom that arises with menopause is an opportunity to find balance. So, I love tackling what’s going on in there with a simple step-by-step game plan to reverse the symptoms and bring on health.
  • Cooking. I love messing about in the kitchen and creating new recipes to help you make meal-planning a piece of cake (pun totally intended!)

In my quest to understand hormones, I dove into training as a Hormone Cure Practitioner with Dr Sara Gottfried and through private mentoring with Dr Lindsey Berkson and Julia Ross. Here, I learned hormones, brain chemistry and latest cutting edge science that even many doctors are unaware of. I graduated in Functional Nutrition and am a certified DUTCH Test expert.

I’ve also learned that your hormone response is as unique to you as your fingerprints.

                   One size does not fit all.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve sailed into post menopause without your typical symptoms, raging overwhelm and harmful drugs with crazy side effects. Along the way, I’ve made a ton of mistakes, busted some major myths, and learned precisely how to own your moods, love your body to make midlife the best time of your life so



Since I was a teenager, I was a non stop dieter. I tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked. My diet addiction led to an eating disorder. Untill, one day, I passed out on the floor from a diet pill overdose at the age of forty.

This was my wake up call.

I realized I needed to address my health in a new way.

My hormones were out of balance
I had PCOS.
I rode a blood sugar roller coaster
My nights were sleepless, which lead to more sugar and coffee… the cycle continues

Today, I eat fearlessly. In fact, I eat more than ever. My weight is steady, healthy, and something I never stress about anymore.

I feel energetic, never run down and my crazy sugar cravings are a thing of the past.

I’m now in my fifties and I feel happier, healthier and less stressed than ever before in my life. I’m more at peace …. Without any pills, miracle drugs, or therapy.

I learned that my health matters. That I matter.

Most doctors put a bandaid on your menopausal symptoms, they don’t ask what’s happening inside YOU.

“Feeling blue?”

“Take this antidepressant”.

Feeling anxious? Let’s throw in some anti anxiety medication. That should do the trick.

For menopause? THIS has never made sense to me.

I’ve learned that it’s what’s underneath your symptoms that need to be addressed if you want lasting change.


As a teen, it was easy to lose weight.
I lost it because I didn’t eat. At all. For real.

Most women believe that it’s impossible to lose weight over forty…

I’ll prove you wrong.

When stressed, you’re often triggered to eat carbs, which can enhance your levels of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that not only make you feel good but also lower cortisol levels.

High cortisol leads to eating sugars and starches, which leads to higher serotonin levels, which then lowers cortisol levels.

So there’s a reason they’re called comfort foods. Once you start, it may be hard to stop.

When you can stop using food as a drug and start using is as a fuel to nourish your body and support your hormones, maintaining your ideal weight is so much easier. I see this all the time with my clients. Two weeks into my signature program, Jacqui was 12 lbs lighter without feeling drawn to sugar. She had never experienced this level of energy from her past diets. After three weeks, she was 18 lbs lighter with a new wardrobe and is keeping the weight off. All without diet, deprivation, sweat and tears.

Food, when used properly, can be the best medicine, helping to stabilize blood sugar, brain chemistry and moods. And I love nothing more than showing other women exactly how to make that happen.


Let’s be real. We’ve all heard about menopause and that it’s just part of life. Welcome to the end of the road, my friend. Most women buy into this and begin to slow down. They stop caring for themselves like they used to. The stop going out, or dressing up for a date night. They lose some enthusiasm for life and let go of those long forgotten childhood dream for good.

 ” I can’t lose weight, so why exercise.”

 ” I forget things and brain fog comes with age, so I’m not smart enough to pursue something new.”

 “ I feel tired and just don’t really want to cook, leave the house, or do much to try to feel better.”

 Here’s what I know… you CAN have a no-pause menopause because I did. In fact, after learning and living everything I learned as a functional nutrition coach, I sailed through menopause.

 I didn’t gain weight.

 I didn’t struggle with wacky cravings.

 Eight hours of sleep is the norm rather than the exception.

I had plenty of energy to live my life. So much energy in fact, that I quit corporate and started my practice.

 I learned that menopause doesn’t have to be a struggle. And it’s not something you succumb to. You don’t have to settle for ‘normal’. You can turn this phase of your life into the best phase of your life.

 I know because I did it. And I love helping other women do it too.



I know that my situation is unique because rather than seek expert advice, I chose the path of becoming an expert myself. But not every woman wants to nerd on science and functional nutrition.

But you do want to feel better without taking a ton of drugs that come with crazy side effects.

You do want to understand what’s actually happening with your hormones instead of trying to interpret confusing test results on your own.

You do want to know that the money you spend on your health isn’t going to waste through trial and error.

You do want to sail through menopause without all the headaches, doctor’s visits, and half-empty bottles of supplements collecting dust in the cupboard.

Truth time… sailing through menopause does require an investment of time, energy and money. But it’s worth it. YOU are worth it. And, with the right support, you will know that the money you spend, and the time you invest in feeling like yourself again won’t go to waste.


                        A LITTLE ABOUT ME…

My dad withdrew my name from a top girls school (even before I started) because he saw two senior students outside the gate smoking cigarettes.
Not the ballet, but I found my feet. I trained daily in two forms of classical Indian dancing, and performed on stage till I was 15.
I have a voice. And I made sure I was heard. I loved being on stage so debating seemed a natural progression. It was a proud moment to debate for “Satisfaction is Death”. I won the prize.
I spent my summers reading books. Whoever says Mills and Boon are trash, is wrong. Scottish men wear kilts scored me a point in a school quiz. (seriously!)
I love watching crime thrillers like Snapped, Women Who Kill with my husband (for real!) And I absolutely hate clutter, which my husband found out the hard way, of course!
My love for her made me find myself again. When I passed out after taking the diet pills, I vowed to be a stronger and truthful role model for my daughter. I’m keeping at this.

Let’s do this simple. There’s a better way to thrive in midlife and I seriously can’t wait to show you how.