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Did you know your hormones are your body’s way of sending messages? (How cool is that?)

Your hormone messengers can become confused if your body isn’t getting the right kind of foods to make them act correctly and be in balance.

The Happy Hormone Kitchen can help you change your hormones!

Have fun, learn some new ideas and recipes, and give your body the kick start it needs to get your hormones back on track.

Check out our upcoming classes and REGISTER NOW as classes do fill up quickly.

“Kiran really is the front of all knowledge when it comes to health and hormones and boy does she have some fantastic recipes up her sleeves! I loved the cookery course so much that I now want to send all my family and friends on it!” Jenny, Weybridge


Join me for a fun and delicious cooking class!

Batch Cooking: Cook Now, Eat Later

Batch Cooking: Cook Now, Eat Later

Friday, December 02 , 2016
9:30 am –  12:30 pm

St John’s Memorial Hall, Woking (map)

Do you find yourself picking up packaged ready meals, takeaways or dining out because you’ve nothing prepared to come home to? (Don’t worry – it happens to all of us!)

This class takes away the stress off your mind of thinking if “you’re feeding them right” or “I still have to cook” (eeks!).

You’ll save up to 7 hours a week (that’s one entire work day) and have time to play more, laugh more and engage more with family and friends.


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