Ginger Bread Cookie Smoothie

Ginger Bread Cookie Smoothie




A fun smoothie without the nastiness of bleached flour and sugar. I crave warming, nourishing drinks in the cold days and this one fits the the bill! Ginger is warming, has powerful anti-inflammatory oils, helps settle stomach upsets and alleviate nausea. Spinach is alkalizing, packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin K to protect our bones. The tiny chia seeds pack a punch with omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron and also help stabilise blood sugar levels. Gives a healthy start to your day or as an in between snack to kick the 4 pm slump!


  •  1 cup almond or coconut milk
  •  1 cup spinach
  •  1 banana
  •  1 Teaspoon flax meal or chia seeds
  •  1 Teaspoon cinnamon
  •  2 Tablespoons almond butter
  •  1 ½ inch piece ginger, chopped
  •  Ice (optional)

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!


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